Photo credit: Ashlee Kay Photography – Colorado Springs, CO

Fine Art Photographer

Hi!  I'm Amie!!  I live in Parker, CO and I am married to my best friend.  He is strong and handsome and very brave.  He is the Prince in our own fairy tale.  Together we have two giggly little girls.  They are growing up SO FAST!  They remind me daily of the magic that is in every moment.

When I was young, someone told me to 'bloom where you are planted.'  Living by that motto has shaped who I have become today.

I believe whole heartedly in making
the most of every situation and really
allowing yourself to be present.

It is so easy to get caught up in what lies ahead throughout our daily lives that we often forget to just be in each moment and see the beauty around us.  Children grow up fast.  One day she will not dress like a princess every day.  One day that twirl and skip will grow into a young woman.  I don't know who my children will choose to become, but I want to remember who they are right now.

Tell me about the magic your child sees in the ordinary!