Wind - Colorado Child Photographer

Photography Location: Paint Mines,   Skirt by:  Whimsy Luxxe,   Hair and Make-up: Bullfrogs & Butterflies

Despite all of my complicated over-analyzing thinking, at the end of the day, my method of survival has always been "bloom where you are planted."

Somewhere in the chaos of life taking me places and me grabbing the reigns to direct it, this is the hope that has kept me pushing forward and taking risks and loving life.  Anytime I have moved to a new place where I didn't know anyone, I would force myself to cling to something and grow.  

We have to find a voice, a place to shine, a stage of sorts, in order to have semblance of normalcy. 

As a result of this adaptation to life, I understand that there are many elements that I have no control over.  

The weather for example.  As a natural light photographer, I accept the weather for what it is and embrace it for the most part.  It's raining, wait it out or grab an umbrella.  It's snowing, wear snow boots.  It's hot, shed some layers.  It's windy, work it.  There are so many times that we want to wait for the wind to stop blowing.  It's funny, really.  Like if we wait long enough, everything will be perfect and then we can take the photo.  Well, I have learned that if I embrace the wind instead, the photographs are more powerful.  Looking at them, one can feel it.  

I absolutely love imperfection.  Probably, mostly because life is just that: imperfect.  Totally, utterly messy.  Not just mine and not just yours.  Everyone.  We all have this thing in common.  There are days that we can put on a pretty face and the world thinks we have it all together.  And then there are days that we ugly cry.  It's inevitable.

The wind is unstoppable.  We cannot pause it.  Instead, let's embrace it and let it mess up our hair.