Inspired - Parker Child Photography

Location:  Parker, CO (Private Property),   Dress:  Little Trendsetter,   Shoes: Joyfolie,   Hair/Makeup:  Bullfrogs & Butterflies

Inspiration.  Where does it come from?  What makes you feel all the feelings?

For me, it is driving.  Not just anywhere, but through the open countryside - preferably on a back road.

I see things and they begin as puzzle pieces scattered all over the floor - and the more I focus and try to fit things together, a BEAUTIFUL image begins to come into focus.

Once I see the final outcome in my head - I can think of nothings else.  I become consumed.  Distracted from everyday life.  And then the race begins.  I am always racing something:  weather, seasons, time....

You name it.  The race is my favorite.  Working towards a goal - it feels so good.  I can't rush this process, it is usually a marathon.  If I jump to the end before all the pieces are in place it is incomplete and just a mess.  I can't skimp on location, otherwise it is not as perfect as in my imagination.

We are all dreamers.