Matthew Loves Dinosaurs - Child Photographer, Parker, Colorado

We all love something.  Something that we know TOO MUCH about.  Right now it seems to be politics with everyone...

Ok, I'm getting off track!

When I talk to a mom about photographing their kiddo, I always ask, "What do they love?"  

And since each kid is different, it makes each session different.  Knowing what they love helps me get to know them and connect with them.  We become friends.  Being friends is what makes an ordinary photo session turn into a fun adventure full of color and imagination.  Knowing what they love helps me taylor my props and wardrobe.  Their interests help me get to know who they are before I have even meet them.

Matthew loves dinosaurs.  That's what his mom told me.  At first, I was stumped.  I'm not going to lie.  It didn't seem easy to just throw something together with dinosaurs.  They are not delicate or graceful and definitely not beautiful.  I brainstormed and I asked other moms of boys.  Would he like this?  What about that?  

When the time came to meet Matthew, I was giddy with excitement.  He was quiet and did not want to take photos.  It was a slow and quiet process - which to be honest, I am very comfortable with.  We started with a book.  And then he introduced me to his dinosaurs that he brought.  Then I showed him some of the things I brought... 

I made a friend that evening.  A friend named Matthew.  A friend who loves Dinosaurs.