Little Rascals-Seattle Styled Shoot, Child Photographer, Parker, CO

Unbeknownst to me, a myriad of photographers swarmed to Seattle, Washington for the annual Click Away conference last October.  I stumbled upon a shoot out offered by Lemmonmade Photography and SallyKate Photography while I was searching for opportunity to photograph child models.  My process for choosing this specific shoot out was quite simple really.  The flights from Denver to Seattle are usually pretty reasonable and I have family scattered throughout the state, so I knew that my lodging would be covered.

When I found out that a conference was being held there as well, where so many artist had traveled from all ends of the nation, I was shocked.  I don't think I realized how effected I would be by this singular experience that was made by the most simple choices.  I am surprised by how close I feel to the handful of people that I met that day.  We are separated by miles upon miles, but we are brought together by our strongest interests.  We bonded over the things that motivate us the most.  It was a very simple and uncomplicated connection.

Styled photography is my favorite.  Finding inspiration from one source and putting everything together in it's proper place makes me feel alive.  I recently wrote about it in a blog titled Inspiration, where the entire shoot was fueled by a simple flower that many would consider a weed.  I was enamored with it.

Sally Kate took her inspiration from the classic Little Rascals.  It was spot-on!  From Alfalfa to Petey, she found models and wardrobe and corralled 12 little models, 1 dog, and 30 photographers in downtown Seattle.  All the while, making it look effortless and so fun.  

But enough back-story, I will now let the photographs speak for themselves.