Michaela Joy aka Little Red Riding Hood

Deep inside the imagination of every child, there is a wonderland of color and adventure.  

Michaela Joy had been fantasizing about Little Red Riding Hood for quite some time when I approached her about a photo session.  She was a bit hesitant, but when she found a Well Dressed Wolf dress offered by Rainey's Closet, she lit up and was ready to embrace the role.  

Of course, like most 4-year-olds, she was a picky one.  We asked Gramma to make the Red Cape that we needed to complete the costume.  She wanted it all the way to the floor, but when it was finished, she said that it needed to be shorter - only to her knees. (Face Palm)  We talked about the day of the shoot so many times.  We picked her best friend, Gabe, to be the Big Bad Wolf.  We set a date and we picked a location.

A week before the shoot, I started to really focus on the session.  I could see and feel the movement through the whole story.  I knew I needed a videographer.  I have not even attempted to learn the art of videography, but I knew someone who was a kindred visionary and could feel the things that I felt.  I trusted her vision as much as my own.  And her ability to pull it off and then stitch it all together still impresses me.  I called Mari.  

Check her page out here: MoxieNmotion.com

The day of the photo (and now video) shoot came and I was elated!  I was so excited to put all of these pieces together and make a little girls dream a reality.  I couldn't be more ready.  Then Michaela Joy simply said, "I don't feel like being Little Red Riding Hood today."  Wha?????  This is the part of the story that you never see.  Generally, you see the planning part and the finished product part, but the conviencing-a-four-year-old-that-this-is-going-to-happen part, I usually leave out.  (Mostly because it is someone else's kiddo)  But since she is my own flesh and blood, I have no shame.  I bribed her, and I threatened her.  At the end of the day, however, it was up to her.

Something magical happened when she saw her story being brought to life.  There was a seriousness and a genuine concern that she had for us to tell it correctly.  There were pieces in her imagination that were more magical than I knew... She impressed me that day.  

I am happy that I invested in her dream.  Though she has moved on to mermaids and warrior princesses now, there will always be this brief moment of her biggest dream (at the time) that is frozen in time and larger than life on my wall.  I will never regret the time I poured into it or the investment I made.  And the best part of it is that she knows that she is a star.