Christmas at a Tree Farm - Parker Child Photographer

Dresses: Joyfolie

Location: Sprucery Garden Center

Styling: Bullfrogs & Butterflies

This holiday season has had its share of difficulties.  When I think back on Christmas's past, the only difficulties that I remember were concerning weather and travel and gift buying.  They all seem to pale in comparison with a life filled with responsibilities.  As we grow and our lives are intertwined with others lives, their hardships become ours and our hardships become theirs.  We may sit together in a somber mood as our deep connections grow even deeper and we share a heart felt toast with hopes of brighter days and healed souls.  

I have a deep love for the holiday time.  I love to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I love to feel the joyful magic of Santa and his elves.  I love to walk in the snow and see lights twinkling in the crisp night air.  I love to shop with others in mind and purchase the thing that I know they will enjoy.  I love to watch cheesy holiday movies and quote most of the lines because I've seen them so many times.  (Serendipity is my favorite.)  I love to wrap each present while I grin ear to ear thinking of the moment it is unwrapped.  All while listening to Christmas music non-stop from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day.  It has always been the best time of the year.

Until last year.  And now this year.  From deaths of loved ones to unexpected financial burdens, the intensity of stress and sadness are overwhelming.  

But I have hope.  I have hope that the joy of the season will return, maybe not on it's own.  There is a good chance that I will have to look for it.  Right now, I am seeing it in my children.  My girls do not carry the weight on their shoulders that I do.  They wake up every morning with a laugh.  One of these mornings, I will too.