The thrill of the dress - Parker, Colorado Child Photographer

Dress by: Tutu Du Monde

Styling by: Bullfrogs & Butterflies Photography

There is something magical about a dress.  One of the reasons that I started providing wardrobe was the excitement that I saw in my daughters eyes the first time that I rented a Tutu Du Monde dress for her summer session.  O. M. Gee.

I figured that she could explain better what a special dress does for a little one, so I decided to interview my almost 8-year old daughter, Lorelei.  We all know that kids don't lie. 

Legos are all over the table, it's before dinnertime.  We have the soundtrack to Trolls in the background.  It is a pretty happy evening for Lorelei.  I start by asking her if I can interview her.  Emphatically, she says, "Yes!"

Amie: Do you remember those photos that we took where all the washers and dryers were?

Lorelei: Yeah, it was so much fun. We rolled in the carts and I LOVED it!

Amie: Okay, I want you to tell me about the dress that you got to wear.

Lorelei: It was so pretty and sparkly.  I loved it so much better than the other dress.  

Amie: What was your favorite part about it? (Me referring to the dress, she took it as me referring to the photo shoot.)

Lorelei: I think... I think it is the... I think it was when we were rolling in the cart.  That was my favorite part.

Amie:  Well, how does wearing pretty dresses like those make you feel?

Lorelei: Like a real princess.

Amie: For real?  Even though you're not wearing a crown?

Lorelei: Yeah!  Because it was so glittery on me!

The interview even ended with Lorelei saying "Awe, shucks!" When I told her that all I wanted was her thoughts about the dress.