Paper Cranes - Parker, Colorado Child Photographer

Photographer: Bullfrogs and Butterflies

Assistant: Monica Gayle Photography  

Location: The Studio  

Makeup: Liz Patterson, Mary Kay  

Dresses: Tutudumonde and The Borrowed Boutique

I had dreamed about this styled photo shoot for some time.  Folding hundreds of paper cranes is no small feat.  I think my hands ached for a couple of days.  As I took photographs of these stunning mini models, I knew it was worth the late nights and the hours of folding.  It looked like a dream.

In my photography, I like to find a balance between a dream and real life.  I create art.  Thus every shoot requires planning, details and costumes.  I love to be imaginative, yet simple.  I love to think outside the box and find something new, even if it is traditional.