Cupcakes & Milkshakes - Parker, Colorado Child Photographer

Photography: Bullfrogs & Butterflies, Child Photographer

Location: Chef Sugars, Colorado Springs

Dress: Rented from Rainey's Closet

The weather anywhere can be unpredictable!  In Colorado, it is no different.  I have been really enjoying the indoor photography sessions through the winter and early spring.  Having a studio helps so much when a blank canvas is needed, like my Paper Cranes sister session from last month.  

But when little girls dream of cupcakes and milkshakes with pink sparkles and ruffles, a custom location is in order!  Offering to buy a significant amount of product or pay rent, helps when working with other business owners.  It validates their work and supports their livelihood!  Chef Sugars in Colorado Springs was the ideal location.  With their pink glitter wall and their custom cupcake flavors, Romy was so happy.  She is gluten free and I have to say, Chef Sugars makes the yummiest gluten free cupcakes I have ever had!