Dress Your Walls - Child Photographer, Parker, Colorado

I love art.  But not just anything that you can find in the home decoration department of TJ Maxx. I love statement pieces.  Artwork that is special to me.  Something that is custom.  

That is why I started planning sessions that would live past the photography session.  I take photographs with an intention of piecing together a story.  The story of a child's imagination.  Our home decor is an expression of ourselves!  It shows what we care about and who we are.  The collections that I offer are thoughtfully put together to create a streamline wall display or room decoration.  

Collections include canvases or metals, acrylic blocks, albums and gift prints.  The textures of the products mixed with the planning of the session go hand in hand.  The decoration of our homes is rarely made on a whim.  Why not make our children the focal point?