Fostering Connection - Child Photographer, Parker, Colorado

Do you have tricks to get children to show their connection?  Share below in the comments!

Siblings get along one second and fight the next.  I hear this minute by minute with my two.  A lot of the time, I let them work it out and only intervene when necessary.  Now with summer here and the girls spending so much time together, I'm juggling just as much as the next mom with an intense hope of one more minute of peaceful interaction.

Photography sessions are not like being at home.  For one, I am not mom.  So immediately, if the child likes me, they will listen.  I get asked often how I get images of the connection between siblings.  I'll be honest, it has taken a lot of trial and error to figure it out.  I'll save you a lot of headache and tell you my secret.  Are you ready?  Do you have a pen and paper?  Take notes.  You will not want to miss this.  


I come fully stocked with simple candy that won't mess up fingers or clothes and I am very stingy with it.  And this is not the only trick.  This just seems to be the biggest motivator of every single child that I have worked with.  Usually, the parents are in on the tricks.  We make the plan together.  They will sit on the other side of the room or try to be out of site during the photo session.  I also take time to connect with the children while we prepare for the session.  I ooze compliments and ask a lot of questions.  Mostly about their brother or sister.  This is where the connection begins and I will refer to the information that they give me throughout the session.  I also give them lots of breaks.  If one sibling is not feeling it, I never argue, I simply switch gears.  Maybe take some solo portraits and then rebuild the connection.  And when they give me the PERFECT posed image, I reward!!  M&Ms work great.  Kids work so hard for M&Ms!

Do you have tricks to get children to show their connection?  Share below in the comments!