Boys and their imagination

Location: The Studio, Centennial, CO

Styling: Bullfrogs & Butterflies Photography

Set Design: Bullfrogs & Butterflies Photography

Designing a set for boys is difficult for me.  Probably because I have found my niche with girls mostly.  I can easily design a sparkly and ruffly set that will make girls ooh and aah and moms grin ear to ear.  I am challenged when it comes to boys.

When this Mom and I were planning a session for her boys, it took a long time for everything to feel like it fell into place.  But when it did, it was truly inspired and completely wonderful.  We loved every bit of this set.  The boys were pretty wide-eyed when they saw all of the clouds!  It didn't take long to get them flying through the air.  

With this set, I say, "Bring on the family's with boys!"