Beautifully styled by Katie Andelman

In December, last year, I attended a beautifully styled shoot out by Katie Andelman.  Her work and her attitude have continually inspired me with every interaction.  She radiates positivity and encourages girls to reach for their dreams while dressing them beautifully and creating lovely artwork.  I am honored to have met her on a handful of occasions and look forward to the next time I see her.  On this particular shoot out, she was inspired to dress the child models as snowflakes.  She planned and posed the child models and we photographed them.  

Styling: Katie Andelman

Wardrobe: Tutudumonde, Modern Queen Kids, provided by Rainey's Closet

Location: RAW Photographic Studio, Denver

Models Instagram:  @modelsofiag, @juliannam, @noella.wong, @anexaly_vmodel, @riley_cline, @thithielle