Fine Art Children's Portraits

Bullfrogs & Butterflies Studio is located in Centennial, Colorado

Ready to tell your little ones story? 

What is fine art photography? 

Fine art photography is intended for display.  This type of photography tends to be extensive in preparation from the time of day and location to wardrobe.  All details considered, this is a really unique way to capture your child's imagination and display it in a unique way in your home.

What is included in the photography session fee?

The session fee is $200 for 1 child and $275 for siblings.  Photography session fee will cover an in-person or telephone consult, wardrobe, and props.  All you have to do with your little one is show up!  We do the rest!

When/how do I view my photos after the session?

About two weeks after the photo session, you will be invited to my studio to view proofs and a slideshow of your images.  At this time, you will pick the photos that you would like to order as wall art or gifts.  Samples will be available for you to look at to help you decide!