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IPS Class

Are you curious about IPS?  Do you want to hear from photographers who have a successful process that works? If you have wondered if switching to IPS and transitioning to a product based business model, then this class is for you!

Join Sunshine of Silver Sparrow Photography and Amie of Bullfrogs & Butterflies as they share their IPS process.

Amie's style is boutique with limited clients per year. Everything is done in person with a 'take your time' mentality.  Her goal is to provide photographs that will translate into custom artwork for statement decorations.

Sunshine's style is high volume with a process that works through electronic speed and efficiency.  She provides In-Person Sales for everything from Seniors to Families to Weddings.  Her goal is to have a business that drives itself with quality products and prices to match.

This class will be held on Thursday, May 10 at 6pm at The Studio Centennial.  We will both go through our process and open the floor for questions at the end.  

Tickets must be purchased in advance and space is limited.

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