Fine Art Teen Portraits

Bullfrogs & Butterflies Studio is located in Centennial, Colorado

Is your teen growing up fast?

Middle School and High School is defining for teenagers.

They are figuring things out and forming their own opinions on all that is going on around them.  They are busy with friends and school activities and time flies by quickly.  Booking a photography session just for them will allow them to shine in the spotlight and it will allow you to preserve these moments.

Teen Sessions are an opportunity to reconnect.

I don't know too many teenagers who don't like the glitz and glam of being in the spotlight.  Doing something like this for them will allow them to connect with you.  Sometimes those moments to connect do not come naturally and we have to create them!  Together, we will pick out a wardrobe that will make them feel the best and discuss their interests.  We will incorporate everything to make their photography session a positive experience.  Hair and make-up paired with a great outfit is sure to boost their confidence to get images that will warm your heart for years to come.